Since 2020, as a Canadian physician, i am officially required to hide my concerns and my tears. Don't rely on what i am allowed to say when you take…
I am no cattle (or is this poetic wishful thinking?) I will not be branded willingly, I will not be tagged willingly, I will not be traced willingly, I…

January 2023

May God bless us with life, love and truth.

October 2022

I had forgotten that suffering could be meaningful.

September 2022

Thich Nhat Hanh would understand why i followed Father Longenecker's advice and went back to singing God's glory in church.
Talk about being oblivious to irony.

August 2022

One reality that i got fooled into ignoring is that life IS inherently unfair. I was part of that first generation that grew up as so-called "liberated…
There has to be many healthcare workers like me, who must hide their thoughts, and silence their anger. Physicians who are still incredulous that…

July 2022

I miss you very much.
Especially when we are awakened.

June 2022

Was this a man or just a scared child?
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